GEMSBOK - Various - Biltong, Droewors, Fillet steak, Thin Boere-&Cheesewors, Spine

Price :-    R 2000

Offered by :- Ben Ad ID :- GMT-102

17 07 2017,01:44 PM Duxberry, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

Short Info :-

Category :- Game Meat

Subcategory :- N.A

Species :- Gemsbok ,

Processed :- Yes

Meat Cut :- Whole Carcass, Other,

Shot Placement :- Other

Weight :- 47.6 Kg

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I recently got sponsored a Gemsbok and the processing thereof... I am not a big venison/wild meat eater and therefore want to sell the lot. Not being a big hunter either, the pricing of this meat was merely done by word of mouth and Google. I have gone lower than the average selling price for venison meat...


The Gemsbok was hunted in the Northern Cape on the 2nd of July, taken to the butcher on the 4 of July to be processed, I received it on the 5th of July and all was immediately frozen. Already processed and reworked a seen in photos.

  • 5.3kg Droewors - processed, spiced and reworked etc (just needs to be hanged up and dried)
  • 5kg Biltong - processed, spiced etc and just needs to be hanged up and dried
  • 5.4kg Spine-chops (rugstring) (6 Packs)
  • 6kg - Cheesewors (14 packs)
  • 9.5kg blokkies/chunks (Various packs +-10)
  • 3.6kg Rug/Spine fillet (4 Packs)
  • 750g Fillet (2 Packs)
  • 4.1kg thin boerewors (8 packs)
  • 8kg thin boerewors (17 packs)